Building Regulations – Everything you need to know

In the case of almost every type of building work, building regulations approval is needed. It can seem like a time-consuming, and frankly, annoying part of your project, but checking everything you plan to do has approval and being given the green light by the authorities at the right time, will save you a lot … Continued

What is a Chartered Surveyor?

The role of a chartered surveyor is situated in a vast and ever changing landscape. A job that is commonly misunderstood, the title of a chartered surveyor is an encompassing term for a variety of different professions all linked to advising on landed property. This can be any role, from surveying roads and advising companies … Continued

What are the causes of cracking in buildings? – London Building Surveyors

Any cracking identified within a building can cause great concern and fear for its owner or potential buyer. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) recommends that if you’re not happy with an insurance company’s post-investigation conclusion, you should get advice from an independent party in the form of a surveyor. Here at London Building … Continued

A Property Developer’s Guide To “Right to Light” Legislation

Natural light is a precious commodity, and it’s one that’s at risk of be taken away from neighbouring residents by poor planning or lack of consideration. Because many property owners are unaware of their neighbours’ right to light, or are unaware of how their building projects actually affect their neighbours, property developers have the responsibility … Continued

A Property Developer’s Guide To Party Wall Legislation

For most people, the concept of a wall is pretty straightforward. But for property developers, even something as concrete as this gets complicated. Party wall legislation is tricky, and the legal jargon surrounding it can take ages to sift through. So, here is a guide to party wall legislation for property developers – in layman’s … Continued

What Are Dilapidations And Why Should I Care?

Tenant-landlord relationships can be sticky, especially when breaches of lease occur by one party or the other. Whether you are the property-owner leasing out a space, or a business-owner occupying it, you should know about dilapidations advice, in case you end up either side of a breach of covenant. As Building Surveyors in London dealing dilapidations … Continued