Advice for viewing a London property virtually

London Covid 19 Facemask Building


As the UK finds itself in the depths of a third national lockdown, fortunately the property market has been allowed to remain open. However, with viewings in London being kept to a minimum and heavy restrictions in place, many agencies are offering virtual viewings as an alternative to in person viewings. This has proven extremely popular, with a lot of people feel more comfortable viewing properties in this way currently, and a number of sales having been agreed from virtual viewings alone.


However, you need to exercise caution when viewing a property virtually, particularly if you don’t intend to view it in person or have to put an offer in swiftly. Here are our top tips for viewing a London property virtually and as comprehensively as possible during lockdown.


  • It’s very hard to take everything in when you’re viewing a property, physically or virtually. However when you undertake a virtual viewing, you have the added benefit of being able to save or download a copy. This is useful for going back and viewing the property slowly in your own time. Be sure to ask the agent, owner or landlord for a copy if you are not provided with one.


  • Different agencies conduct virtual tours in different ways. Some may offer a ‘live’ tour, where an agent takes you around, others may send out pre-recorded tours. Where possible, request a live tour. That way you can rest assured that the video hasn’t been edited and you get a more authentic impression of the property.


  • Remember to ask to see any outside space. If you were viewing a property in person, you would look around the garden, outside parking space and neighbours properties automatically. Ask your tour provider for a viewing of the outside space and exterior.


  • Ask your agent for a clause which states ‘subject to a physical inspection’ if making any agreements prior to an in person viewing.


  • Don’t be afraid to ask your tour provider to give you an up-close view of any electrical fittings or areas of concern: damp, damage, etc. If there is any hesitancy on the providers behalf to do this, be extremely cautious about making any offers or agreements.


  • If you are thinking of making an offer on a property you have only seen virtually, there are certain circumstances that mitigate risk. For instance, you will be much safer making an offer on a new build or newer house than an old property without seeing it in person, as there is less likely to be major structural issues.


  • And, remember, above all it’s always vitally important to have a professional survey undertaken – whether you view the property or not, but even more so if you haven’t seen the property in person.


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