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The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 is a piece of legislation that requires any person carrying out work to a party wall or adjacent to a property in separate ownership to notify their neighbour and provide details of their intended works. The act then sets out a formal process that must be followed. It defines two main parties; the building owner carrying out the works and the adjoining owner who is the neighbour that requires notification.

Whilst the explanation above is concise and simplified, the legislation can be complex in its application dependent on specific site conditions.  In nearly all cases, specialist knowledge and expertise is required to ensure compliance and resolution between parties.

At London Building Surveyors we have extensive experience of dealing with party wall matters, gained since the inception of the legislation in 1996. Whether you are the building owner carrying out the works or an adjoining owner we have the necessary expertise to act on your behalf. Adjoining owners should note that their surveyors’ fees are normally payable by the person carrying out the works.

Party Wall Notices and Party Wall Awards are legal documents and it is important to seek professional advice to ensure the documents are valid and legally binding. We are aware that there are websites providing templates for Notices and letters etc. However, without the relevant expertise the Notices are often invalid and if an issue arises further down the line, this could be costly.

We believe our fees are highly competitive so please do not hesitate to contact us for an informal chat and no obligation quotation.

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London Building Surveyors are a registered RICS party wall surveyor and we can help with any enquires regarding party walls, party wall advice, party wall notice and party wall surveying.

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