If you’re buying a house, a commercial property or taking a long lease on a commercial premises, it is essential that before you enter into a legally binding agreement, you fully understand the condition of the property and your potential liability for the cost of repairs.  A full building survey can be carried out on any type of property, however it is highly recommended on older properties, properties of non-traditional construction, poorly maintained properties or properties that have been subject to significant alterations.

At London Building Surveyors, we provide a range of surveys to fulfil your requirements and suit your budget.  We offer full building surveys with detailed reports, summary reports or under certain circumstances, even verbal reports.  It is important to note that all properties are subject to the same thorough inspection, we simply offer a range of options on the report type and can provide guidance on the right choice for you.

Whatever type of report you instruct, all accessible parts of the property will be thoroughly inspected from the roof and chimneys to the basement.  If you wish, you may tailor-make a survey to suit your requirements.  For example, if you are planning a loft conversion, an extension or any major renovation works, we can comment specifically on this within our report.

We understand that property is always a huge financial investment with risk attached and we aim to provide you with the peace of mind that you are making an informed decision. We are a totally independent surveying firm with no links or affiliations to estate agencies, commercial agents, mortgage providers, banks or other lending institutions. This allows us to provide truly impartial advice with our only priority being your interests.

We also pride ourselves on our ‘aftercare’ service.  If you have paid in advance, we can arrange for the surveyor to call to discuss the main findings directly after the inspection. This provides you with the early opportunity to make further enquiries with the vendor and potentially arrange for a contractor to inspect and provide repair costings for specific issues identified during the inspection. Full written reports will always be issued within our standard 5 day turnaround; this can be fast tracked subject to our workload at that time.

At London Building Surveyors, we aim to ensure you always have the opportunity to speak to a surveyor to discuss your specific requirements and budget in full before committing to a survey.  Please contact us for a no obligation discussion and quotation.

Example Building Survey Reports

Building Condition Survey Example