The survey will include a thorough inspection on the property and a visual inspection of all accessible parts.  The roof will be inspected from ground floor level externally and from within any accessible roof spaces.   If necessary, chimneys, gutters and fascia boards that are only visible externally may be inspected using binoculars.  The survey will otherwise check all accessible parts of the property in particular, looking for evidence of structural movement, dampness or timber decay as these are the most significant issues that may affect a property and generally any other issue which is of relevance to the potential purchasers or occupier.

The surveyor will use a damp meter and will check, in particular, immediately above all ground bearing walls to ascertain whether dampness from external ground level is penetrating into the building.  If dampness is detected, then further investigations will be required.  This would have to be arranged through the vendor to allow access to the sub floor to check on the condition of the timbers.

As standard, we will issue reports within five working days of our inspection subject to payment unless alternative arrangements have been made in advance.

It is important to note the difference between the inspection and the report.  At London Building Surveyors we will always carry out a full detailed inspection of the property, traditionally known as a structural survey.  We offer two types of report, a detailed report which will include detailed information on the condition of the property and any defects found as well as information on the construction of the property.  The summary report is a more concise version of this report and contains only the information in relation to the defects found and the principal considerations of the survey findings.

No.  We do provide valuations but please contact us directly for a price.

We actively encourage clients to ask any questions in relation to the property that are of significance to them before we carry out our inspection.  This is to ensure that the client receives the most benefit from a survey report.   Typical questions asked are, is the loft space suitable for a loft conversion or a rear extension or do you think the neighbour is encroaching on my property.

No, we are a small, totally independent and privately owned company.

Yes, we recycle all materials where possible and actively encourage our clients to receive reports in PDF format only by offering a £25 discount.

Yes, we have an agreement with Haven House Children’s Hospice that we donate £5 from every building survey to this very worthwhile charity.

A Building Survey is a more comprehensive report and is the highest standard of visual inspection you can get for residential properties, providing a full breakdown of the fabric and condition of the property, flagging up any potential defects, and provide advice on repairs and maintenance.

We also provide a Summary Report which will include an inspection as noted above and provide a condensed version of the full survey report focussing on potential issues noted and less on the overall construction of the property.

A Homebuyers Report is a less detailed inspection that is concerned principally with Structural Movements, Dampness and timber decay therefore potentially some other defects may not be noted.  A Homebuyers Report will usually provide a Valuation of the property.