London Building Surveyors are here to offer our expert advice on a number of dilapidation services, whether its lease advice, notice to repair, dilapidation liability reports, or strategic advice.

Particularly towards the end of a lease of commercial property, dilapidations can become a critical issue for both Landlords and Tenants. It is at the end of the lease that it is necessary to establish the condition of a building, in order to assess whether it has been maintained in accordance with the let agreement. A Schedule of Dilapidations can be prepared by the landlords’ surveyor, showing where work is required to the building in order for it to comply with the terms of the lease. This allows the landlord to be compensated for any wear and tear to the building inflicted by the tenant. At London Building Surveyors, we are able to act for landlords who are preparing a claim.

However, as the long-running battle between landlords and tenants can go, tenants may wish to defend a claim, for which we can also act. Some tenants may feel claims of dilapidation are made unfairly by their landlord, making certain claims extremely complex from both surveying and legal points of view.

It’s always worth bearing in mind, whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, the condition of a property when the tenancy commences. It is an age-old story where places of dilapidation found by landlords and surveyors at the end of a lease are claimed to have been there from the beginning by the tenant. If you move into a property as a tenant and find anything that could be problematic in the future, inform your landlord or agency immediately and take photographic evidence.

Also, there is often no particular strategy to maintain the building, in accordance with the repairing provisions in the lease, during the period of occupation. The landlord may see the building in terms of an income producing asset and the tenant may be primarily concerned with operating his/her business. Neither party are normally focused upon routine building maintenance, leading to unpleasant surprises at the end of the lease.

London Building Surveyors has the necessary expertise in achieving positive outcomes for both tenants and landlords across a broad range of property types and client base.

We provide accurate, timely advice to ensure dilapidations claims are quickly and fairly settled at minimum cost to our client.  Please contact us for an initial consultation and a quote.