London Building Surveyors – What are the most sought-after rental features in 2021 in London?

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If you’re thinking of renting out your property, or even investing in a buy-to-let, it’s a good idea to know what’s high in demand on the current rental market. The core rental market in some of London’s more outlying areas, particularly in the south west, such as Wandsworth, Richmond and Fulham – is booming. Offering more space and access to green space, whilst retaining convenient links to the centre, it’s easy to understand their sudden rise in popularity.


Understandably, the pandemic is also shaping what people are looking for in their new rental homes. Consequently, this will affect the market for the rest of 2021 and beyond. Here are some of the key features that are now high on the filter categories and most common search terms when tenants are looking for their prospective new property:




Perhaps unsurprisingly, rentals with gardens are topping the list in London. Data from Zoopla reveals that gardens are now one of, if not the most desirable feature when it comes to rental properties. This is a trend seen not just in the rental sector, but also buying, with prices for houses with gardens hitting a four-year high.




Particularly prescient for Londoners looking in areas where space is at a premium – balconies are a great alternative when it comes to finding a home with outdoor space.




Another side effect of the pandemic is perhaps the increase in people searching for parking with their homes. With an increased reluctance to use public transport due to health risks, more people are wanting their own private form of transport, and consequently, somewhere to keep it.




Garage searches are also on the rise, for the same reason stated above when it comes to parking, but also possibly because people plan to use garage space as a workout area, home-gym, or even a home office.


Pet-friendly rentals


Pet-friendly searches rank fifth overall according to Zoopla, according to a widespread increase in the search term ‘pet’ across the UK, and the increase in people buying pets during lockdown. The government has recently introduced legislation that prevents landlords from banning pets in their properties without a strong reason.

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