Xandra van Wijk

Highly recommend London Building Surveyors. They are very responsive, reliable, friendly and thorough. They were recommended via friends when we were looking to get a building survey done on a house we wanted to buy. Ronnie was the one to carry out the survey and send us a neat report shortly after visiting the property. A few months later, when we went to visit the property for a second time, fresh cracks had appeared on the wall. We were about to exchange so we contacted Ronnie for advice. He offered to have another look at the property for us. We really appreciate the extra time and effort he put in, as it took some time to arrange access again as the property was tenanted and the tenants were busy moving out and therefore not responsive. Ronnie kept us well informed all along and even dropped by the housing agency once on his way to work. When he finally managed to arrange access again he sent us a follow up report. In the end we were reassured we had all the info needed to make a well informed decision. Stellar service!