What sets London Building Surveyors apart from other surveyors?

We’ve been thinking about what sets us apart from other surveyors and we’ve come up with this little list:

– We’re a small team and this means that you receive more personal service from us. 

– Ronnie, our MD, has extensive experience working all over London, in Scotland and in the Cayman Islands; this means there’s not a style of house or type of building he’s not seen and he’s always on hand to advise.

– We try our best to fit in with your requirements and that of the people that we’re dealing with, for example, our offices (like those of most surveyors) are shut on a Saturday, but if that’s the only day we can gain access (and you ask nicely?) we will accommodate.

– Our reports are written in plain English, we want you to be able to understand them and feel you’re receiving value for money.

– Everyone here lives locally in East London, this means that not only do we have a real love for London and Essex, but that we take pride in doing a good job and getting to know you as neighbours.

– We give you amazing aftercare service. Our responsibility to you doesn’t stop when we issue the survey – we want you to understand it, to ask questions and to feel you can return with any queries.

– We love referrals and returners! Recommend us to a friend and we will give them a small discount when they mention your name. 

– We do such a good job with our surveys that lots of you return for help on party wall matters.

– We care about the environment and if you’re happy to not receive a bound printed copy of the survey we will discount by £25.

– We’re always up for local sponsorship opportunities – we’ve done lots of pro bono work for local charities in Woodford and donated to schools in Wanstead for raffle prizes. Always feel free to approach us and if we can help, we will.

In short, we love London, we love our community and we love providing our clients with a great service.