The Transformation of London’s Letting Market

Technological advances in the last decade have revolutionised many areas of our life, but rarely would we connect them with the London housing market. However, a new surge in renters who are more interested in the quality of their property than how well connected to public transport it is have proved just how influential apps … Continued

London suburbs to face huge housing boom – London Building Surveyors

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has announced plans to build more than 250,000 new homes in London’s thirteen outer suburbs in an attempt to overcome the capital’s housing crisis. With London remaining as popular location to live as ever for people nationwide and worldwide, the demand for affordable housing has increased tenfold, particularly in … Continued

The Value of an Independent Building Surveyor

Buying a property is for most people one of, if not the most expensive purchase they will make in their lifetime. With so many factors to be considered, and so much at stake, hiring a professional, independent surveyor is vital. With the average price of a house in the UK rising to £226,185, and in … Continued

Stamp Duty Scrapped on Houses under £300,000 – London Building Surveyors.

This years budget saw Chancellor Philip Hammond announce that stamp duty taxes on properties under £300,000 will be abolished for first-time buyers in an attempt to solve Britain’s housing crisis. However, this has been criticised by analysts and mortgage lenders alike who claim that this measure will not actually address the core problems in the … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Building Survey

When you find the house of your dreams, getting a private survey is perhaps one of the most overlooked factors. Many buyers see a survey as another additional cost, at a time when they are probably making the most expensive purchase of their lifetime. However, normally in hindsight, not getting a professional survey done can … Continued

London’s Housing Crisis – Could Micro Flats be the Solution?

  With living space in London at a low, and house prices at a high, for many first-time buyers, becoming homeowners seems like a far-off dream.   However, the rise of a new small-scale, high-density, form of living is being touted as the solution. Micro flats are normally smaller than 400 square feet, and start … Continued

Damp and Timber Building Survey for Rot and Woodworm

A damp and timber building survey is a common specialist report requested at London Building Surveyors, particularly when dealing with older buildings. We recommend that whether you are buying a property (either a private or commercial premises) or taking a long lease on a commercial premises, a damp and timber survey is essential. It is … Continued

Leaseholders – do you own your loft space?

  London loft space is perhaps some of, if not the most, valuable in the country. With the capital remaining an ever-popular and sought after place to live, space always seems to be at an increasing minimum, and prices at an increasing high. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why many people see loft … Continued

Building Regulations – Everything you need to know

In the case of almost every type of building work, building regulations approval is needed. It can seem like a time-consuming, and frankly, annoying part of your project, but checking everything you plan to do has approval and being given the green light by the authorities at the right time, will save you a lot … Continued