A Property Developer’s Guide To Party Wall Legislation

For most people, the concept of a wall is pretty straightforward. But for property developers, even something as concrete as this gets complicated. Party wall legislation is tricky, and the legal jargon surrounding it can take ages to sift through. So, here is a guide to party wall legislation for property developers – in layman’s … Continued

Highlights of the Party Wall Act

Trying to find the Party Wall Act put into layman’s terms online is quite like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Google turns up a few results, but they’re not exactly what you’re looking for. A downloadable explanatory booklet released by the government is among the results, however, you may not have time … Continued

You Need Building Regulations Approval If . . .

Once upon a time, if you wanted to build a structure, you just did it. There was no red tape to watch out for, no rules to be followed, and no one to answer to. Now, in 2015, you have to follow building codes and regulations as well as seek approval from and inform various … Continued

You Don’t Need Building Regulations Approval If . . .

Many people dream of building their own home or remodelling the one they already live in. For those who live in the United Kingdom (excluding Scotland and Northern Ireland), taking on such a grand venture requires some navigation around legislature. Before a hammer is even lifted, certain projects require building regulations approval. The Building Regulations … Continued

What Are Dilapidations And Why Should I Care?

Tenant-landlord relationships can be sticky, especially when breaches of lease occur by one party or the other. Whether you are the property-owner leasing out a space, or a business-owner occupying it, you should know about dilapidations advice, in case you end up either side of a breach of covenant. As Building Surveyors in London dealing dilapidations … Continued

A Property Developer’s Guide To “Right to Light” Legislation

Natural light is a precious commodity, and it’s one that’s at risk of be taken away from neighbouring residents by poor planning or lack of consideration. Because many property owners are unaware of their neighbours’ right to light, or are unaware of how their building projects actually affect their neighbours, property developers have the responsibility … Continued

The Ins and Outs of Why You Need Your Property Surveyed

So you’re ready to stake your claim on a piece of land in London, Essex or elsewhere in The UK. What will you do with it? Is it in the country, begging you to build an enchanting cottage upon its grassy expanse? Perhaps it’s a lot within the cityscape of London, and you wish to … Continued