Stratford – London’s up-and-coming residential district

  Revamped for the 2012 London Olympic Games, Stratford in East London is a buzzing shopping, leisure and cultural hub – quickly becoming the residential district of the East and one of London’s most desirable locations. Thanks to its Olympic legacy and one of the largest shopping centres in Europe—Westfield Stratford City—people are lining up … Continued

London’s evolving skyline reveals new skyscraper: The Diamond

With over 510 tall towers (more than 20 storeys high) planned to be built in the next ten years or currently under construction, London’s infamous glittering skyline is set to become a changing landscape. In 2015, the addition of another skyscraper, the Trellis, was announced, standing at the same height as the shard, although work … Continued

London’s £1 billion council home building project revealed

The Mayor London, Sadiq Khan, has announced London’s first ever building programme that is dedicated to council homes, with plans to build over 11,000 homes at a cost of more than £1 billion to be let at social rent levels. The news comes after the Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced that councils will be allowed … Continued

No stone left unturned with our thorough London building inspections

You may have noticed in your loft some whitish residue on the timbers similar to the photo below: This often occurs where there’s a lack of ventilation to the roof space. The residue is a white crystalline material, probably magnesium sulphate, which may be a residue of previous treatment of the timbers with magnesium fluorosilicate … Continued

A Property Developer’s Guide To Party Wall Legislation

For most people, the concept of a wall is pretty straightforward. But for property developers, even something as concrete as this gets complicated. Party wall legislation is tricky, and the legal jargon surrounding it can take ages to sift through. So, here is a guide to party wall legislation for property developers – in layman’s … Continued

Highlights of the Party Wall Act

Trying to find the Party Wall Act put into layman’s terms online is quite like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Google turns up a few results, but they’re not exactly what you’re looking for. A downloadable explanatory booklet released by the government is among the results, however, you may not have time … Continued

5 Reasons Why You Should Get a Building Survey

When you find the house of your dreams, getting a private building survey is perhaps one of the most overlooked factors. Many buyers see a survey as another additional cost, at a time when they are probably making the most expensive purchase of their lifetime. However, normally in hindsight, not getting a professional survey done … Continued

10 things to love about Leytonstone

A little light read from us today!  We’ve been thinking about all the areas of London we know well and love working in and what makes them unique. So here’s our take on Leytonstone: 1) We think of it as Wanstead’s younger (and naughtier) sister, it’s now got great nightlife: – free music 7 days … Continued

Why now is the best time for landlords to buy-to-let in London

Amid the political uncertainty, falling house prices and unwelcome taxes, there is one clear window of opportunity that has become apparent to the savvy London property investor: buy-to-let property. What makes purchasing property to let so attractive in the current market? Whereas some investors may have previously found themselves priced out of the London property … Continued